About DeathByPiano

First of all: Thanks for stopping by!

This website originated out of the realization that I have been coming across interesting (and/or crazy) subjects online over the years, but almost inevitably have been losing track of them again almost as fast (yes, my attention span could use some work). Eventually, I figured I might as well write down some of the things that piqued my interest. And at that point, why not inflict them on the public at large?

So, none of the things written about on this site are original, but all of them at one time or another led to a laugh, a head-scratching, or a (somewhat manly) giggle of excitement.

I hope you are having fun browsing through the collected materials - some more serious, some less so. I'm trying to be fair to every subject (no matter my personal opinions), but I can't guarantee accuracy - especially concerning the more "out there" items.

As for the website's name: Some epiphanies hit you like a ton of bricks and I can only assume that being hit by a piano would be even worse, but with better sound effects.

The Dude abides.